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CyberPoems software
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CyberPoems va īnvata sa deveniti un poet autentic si de mare randament.
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Cybernetic Poems

What is a cybernetic poem ?

   • An opportunity to create the ineffable and to enjoy the human nature
   • A tool what imitates the gust and the human intuition all level and with all elaborately creation exigencies
   • A extra cause to exceed the crisis of creation and to discover new typological reservoirs of the poetry
   • An opportunity to bring the spectacular artistically jump registered in the evolution of lyric physiognomy from beginning to now, by:
        - accentuation the huge budgets of the language
        - unlimited possibilities which offers the computer to «compound» and to discover the collocations, the genres and new effects etc.

   • A possibility to train in the creativity environment which not have an authentically experience in the poetically creation field
   • A elevated recultivate of the computational technologies which constitutes it in the efficientest methods to innovate the creation.

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